The Solitaire Ranch mission is to provide a safe and comfortable home for horses and peace of mind for their owners with a healthy environment, safe handling methods, and 24-hour care.  Forty acres of pastures allow the horses plenty of room to roam, play, and graze. Boarders have access to the pasture area for riding in addition to an arena and round pen.


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ONLY NATURAL training and handling is based on a reverence for the horse as a sentient being.  Planning, intention, focus, and a respectful collaboration are the keys to forming an alliance with the horse.  Methods and techniques are fluid and adaptable to match the feel offered by each horse's personality. 

ONLY NATURAL Training embraces the instincts of equines rather than fighting against them.  Many traditional and popular methods are based on compliance or domination of the horse by means of force, intimidation or punishment-based theories of correction.  There is no place in the ONLY NATURAL philosophy for any interaction that resorts to combative tactics.

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